Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Little Dictator and Frank Sfarzo

Giuliano Mignini, the prosecutor of Amanda Knox, has a record of filing charges against people who criticize him. I list some of Mignini's targets in The Little Dictator, Chapter 13 of The Monster of Perugia. Well, Mignini may be at it again.

Frank Sfarzo, writer of Perugia-Shock and based in Perugia, has been writing some very frank and hard hitting columns about the behavior of the polizia, prosecution, and courts Perugia, and in Italy in general. These columns, which can be read at, may be triggering another attack in Mignini's prosecutorial rampage. As described in Frank's latest post, "A Bus Named Desire," Frank first heard of rumors that he would be arrested, and now has been summoned to appear in Mignini's office on Monday, March 14, 2011.

Many of us are observing this situation and are prepared to do what we can to make it very well known should this represent a continuation of the outrageous and ongoing prosecutorial misconduct of Public Minister Giuliano Mignini.

Our concerns are not only with Amanda and Raffaele, but with all of the victims of the Monster of Perugia.  It must be brought to a halt.


  1. I'm going to blog this as well. Thanks Mark. We're praying for him. God can probably handle Mr. Mignini. Mignini is big and poweful, but God is bigger.
    Sincerely, Michelle Moore

  2. When is the Supreme Court going to take a closer look at PM Mignini?

  3. One wonders what the higher powers in the Italian justice system really think of Mignini. It now appears, at least, that the judge appointed to hear the appeal is giving the defense a fair shake. That would be a tremendously hopeful development because the prosecution and their collaborators among certain elements of the press are still up to the same tricks and transgressions.

    We can't just assume that the judge and (hopefully) independent experts will do the right thing, though, and it is important the truth about what has happened in Perugia be exposed.

  4. Perhaps God will deal with Mignini in the afterlife, but we need to deal with him now. A little help from our friends would be nice.

  5. Exactly! That's why I know without doubt that in the end there will be true justice! :)

  6. Just how does Mr./Dr. Waterbury feel qualified to be a legal analyst. Is he part of the Knox team?

  7. The anonymous comment above is just a tad ironic.... It is an attempt to suppress my commentary on the subject of a prosecutor abusing his office to suppress criticisms by attacking members of the press. According to Anonymous, I apparently shouldn't write about this outrage unless I am a "legal analyst."

    This is similar to the attacks mounted against Steve Moore, a retired FBI agent, claiming that they were only interested in hearing what a CURRENT FBI agent thought. Of course, current agents are not allowed to speak about particular cases, so that would have neatly blocked all comments from people who are well qualified to criticize the inept investigation in Perugia. These people don't want to hear any criticisms of the injustice there, some of them appear to actually have a financial stake in suppressing those comments.

    It is important for everyone who values freedom to speak out when they see corrupt politicians and officials crushing the rights of the people. It doesn't take a Jr. High School civics class to learn that.