Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amanda Knox: The Case for Innocence

Last night the Film Studies Program at Seattle University hosted a forum of experts on various aspects of the Knox/Sollecito trial in Perugia, Italy. The forum was moderated by Tom Wright, the founder of FriendsofAmanda.org, and included Candace Dempsey, Steve Moore, myself, and Paul Ciolino, in that order. A video of the entire forum is at the link below, created by the West Seattle Herald. It was a great opportunity to be part of that forum, and to get a chance to discuss the DNA profiling tests performed on Raffaele Sollecito's kitchen knife. That portion of the video begins at around 1:07 (1 hour and 7 minutes) in the segment.

Amanda Knox: The Case for Innocence

After an excellent introduction by Edwin Weihe, Ph.D., the S.U. Director of Film Studies, Tom Wright frames the issues and introduces the rest of the panel participants. Candace Dempsey discusses the background of distorted early media attention to the case, Steve Moore compares the crime theory development of the prosecution to mistaking a horse for a zebra, I speak on DNA, and Paul Ciolino closes by diving into the corrupt behavior of the Perugian authorities in his inimitable, take-no-prisoners style.


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