Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frank Sfarzo's blog lives on, and on...

Giuliano Mignini has filed a defamation suit against Frank Sfarzo and succeeded in getting his blog, Perugia-Shock, shut down by google. This act of caving to a little dictator with fancy paperwork should be a shame and a discredit to all that Google has stood for over the years; access to information, civil liberties, doing no harm.

I immediately reposted some of Frank's most recent posts that had been censored by google on this blog as a source of information and an act of solidarity, and of defiance of Mignini's campaign to suppress the truth. With a mirror copy of his blog now available online, those posts are no longer needed here and will be removed (by me, without any coercion or anything).

Frank's many readers can continue to follow his very important on-the-scene coverage of the trial of Amanda Knox at the following site. In case this, too is shut down by Mignini, be assured that folks will rapidly restore it in some other location. The truth cannot be so easily crushed, Giuliano.



  1. Please don't delete Frank's censored posts by google! Its always helpful for those who don't know about it yet or for those who cant find it.

  2. Thank you, lygys. I will check with Frank on what he prefers. Bottom line is, supporters of Amanda and Raffaele will put up 50 blogs in 50 places if Mignini attempts to block us from telling the truth. The truth shall set them free, and hopefully, put Mignini in prison where HE really does belong.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I've just finished reading your excellent book. I've come to this whole affair rather late but have read now 4 books on the case and Mignini's history.
    Frank Sfarza has disappeared almost entirely from the web. Most old links go to unrelated sites in Japanese!
    I imagine he might be keeping his head down as Mignini continues to lash out with impunity but is there any record of his old blogs stored anywhere on the internet?
    Jeff, Australia, November 2013