Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian Legislators Demand Investigation of Mignini and Co.

At last, folks in Italy are waking up to the outrageous misconduct of Amanda Knox's prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, and the judges, polizia, and forensics experts who have worked together with him to wrongfully convict Amanda and Raffaele. A group of eleven Italian legislators, led by Rocco Girlanda, who has met with Amanda many times, have filed a letter and petition with the president of Italy, and with the Italian justice ministry requesting an investigation of the mistreatment that has resulted in Amanda and Raffaele's wrongful convictions.

A request for this type of oversight, and for intervention from Rome authorities, is  considered an extreme form of sanction, and disapproval of how the process took place in Perugia. This petition adds substantial weight to the growing clamor for justice in Perugia, the release of Amanda and Raffaele, and the investigation and prosecution of those who have committed crimes against them.

An article in the Washington Post about this petition can be seen here:

Stay tuned for further developments in the calls for investigations, and for a detailed post on the subject of the violation of Amanda's rights under Italian law to be published here tomorrow, and in the Women in Crime blog with attorney Anne Bremner.  (to be posted Friday, May 27)

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