Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monster Trailer

I've posted a video trailer for my book, The Monster of Perugia - The Framing of Amanda Knox. The trailer poses some of the many questions that remain about the travesty of injustice and crimes committed by Perugian justice authorities.

Just what is the special relationship between Prosecutor Mignini and the murderer, Rudy Guede? Why was Rudy repeatedly released after being captured for burglary? What was Mignini's real motive to frame Amanda and Raffaele?

An investigation should be demanded. Please help me spread that word by reposting the link to this simple, but important video.


Freedom at Last

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were finally freed from their wrongful imprisonment in Perugia, Italy on Monday, October 4, 2011 after nearly four years of confinement. They have returned to their homes, and are in the process of returning to their lives.

May Raffaele and Amanda live in peace and freedom and let love, time, and deep inner strength heal the wounds that they have been dealt.

It is now time for those who continue to believe in Amanda and Raffaele's guilt to pause, reset, and go, not just back to "square one," but to square zero.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are truly innocent, having played no role whatever in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Any rational search for justice should objectively review the solid evidence that this is so, and then that search should let go of bias and hatred, and move on.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, the campaign to smear Amanda has not missed a beat, going right on creating and broadcasting distortions and outright lies. The people responsible for that campaign did not take the time to consider that they have been wrong all along, they merely moved on to the next round of groundless innuendo, extracting statements out of context, and pure fabrications.

Also, meanwhile, the Perugian justice authorities that committed the many crimes against Amanda and Raffaele remain at large, and apparently not even under investigation.

I wrote The Monster of Perugia - The Framing of Amanda Knox in an attempt to help free Amanda and Raffaele and to set the record straight about two young people that have been smeared so much. I also wrote it to expose the corruption, incompetency, and craziness in Perugia that it might be stopped or at least combatted, and to develop larger themes about the human condition.

I will continue to work to combat the ongoing smear campaign and to expose its sources, and to call for investigations of the Perugian authorities that have so badly abused the powers vested in them. 

I want to congratulate and thank all of those who have played a role in the effort to free Amanda and Raffaele. It has been a difficult struggle against a powerful and often anonymous foe.

In the final analysis, Amanda proved to be tougher than Mignini.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Final Hours

We are now in the final hours of the endless trial, appeal, and incarceration of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Our hearts and our hopes are with them and their families. We will soon know whether the Italian justice system will finally and unequivocally move to correct this injustice, leave the travesty in place, or take some halfway approach.

Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. They did not murder, did not slander, did not conceal. A terrible crime has been committed against them by an out of control prosecution and media frenzy. They have been victimized by an unholy alliance of the incompetent, the corrupt, and the crazy. The only proper pathway is complete exoneration and freedom.