Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monster Trailer

I've posted a video trailer for my book, The Monster of Perugia - The Framing of Amanda Knox. The trailer poses some of the many questions that remain about the travesty of injustice and crimes committed by Perugian justice authorities.

Just what is the special relationship between Prosecutor Mignini and the murderer, Rudy Guede? Why was Rudy repeatedly released after being captured for burglary? What was Mignini's real motive to frame Amanda and Raffaele?

An investigation should be demanded. Please help me spread that word by reposting the link to this simple, but important video.


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  1. Another question is why Guede's false testimony has not been called into question, or the "supreme" court's assumption - which is being treated as evidence - that more than one person was involved in the murder.

    This case reminds of Orwell's claim that the future could be symbolized by a boot stamping on a human face forever. That's what Mignini had in store for Knox. He just didn't expect her to have so many allies and resources, and for the truth to come out. His supposed attempt to "save face" exposed his hideous actual face, and now he's just hiding it.

    What he and the police AREN'T doing speaks volumes - they aren't "going back to square one" (which is especially difficult now that they've destroyed the forensic evidence) by searching for those "other killers" they say they're so sure are out there, or re-examining their "theory." Nor is Mignini doing anything about the actual orgies which I've read are fairly common in Perugia, and which he supposedly believes can culminate in murder.

    They are, however, continuing to do everything they can to wage psywar on Knox, which is a hint of what they were actually trying to do with their witch-trial. As Orwell put it, they were practicing "the obliteration of the self" - they were trying to destroy Knox's very soul. This is pure evil, and it's impossible to comprehend without recognizing the existence of spiritual forces of evil who seek to destroy the crown of God's creation, of which Knox, although not a saint, is a good example, because she wants to do what's right. When I look at photos of her family, I am inspired by the love in their faces, and that is what Mignini wants to destroy.

    However, as a result of the "conservative Catholic" Mignini's attempt to destroy Amanda Knox's soul, Italy has been exposed as an Orwellian fascist state controlled by psychopaths such as him, and its people as hostages whose souls have been paralyzed by fear.